Gabe Walerysiak

Quinnipiac University Film, Television and Media Arts Major

 If you tell me my videos make your day, I’ll have done my job.

Despite the fact that I never operated a camera, at the age of 12, I jumped right in and started making my own YouTube videos. Eight years later, I am graduating with a bachelor’s degree in film from a university with a prestigious communications program. 

I am an accelerated 3+1 Communications student at Quinnipiac University. Alongside my undergraduate degree, I am pursuing a master’s in Interactive Media and Communications by May 2021. For fun, I am also a part of my school’s radio station, WQAQ 98.1 FM, where, every Saturday at 1pm, I talk about all things gaming.

Last summer, I joined Fitscript, a digital therapeutic for those with Type 2 Diabetes, as a Video Production Intern. I edited graphics, promo videos, and helped set up the studio each day for filming. This year, I am working to land a production internship in Los Angeles so I can decide if I want to live there for the rest of my life.

My goal is to be a great narrative filmmaker whose content leaves a lasting impact on his audience. 

Get in touch with me!

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