Before laying out a full content analysis report, it is necessary to take a look at the content that an organization’s website already have, and make some necessary modifications in order to fulfill their RFP.

In the case of the South Carolina Governor’s School of Science and Mathematics (SCGSSM), they are looking for a complete web redesign that makes all of their content easily accessible to a wide audience, from prospective students and families to current students and families to faculty, donors, partners, and more.

According to the RFP, the SCGSSM wants users to be able to choose their role upon landing on the site’s home page, which will then guide them towards their areas of interest. For this reason, the sitemap is categorized based on the role of the user navigating the site. The about and support page are still prominently featured in the navigation bar alongside these roles, as requested by the organization’s RFP.

The priority matrix is based on areas the organization should focus on, as it would benefit both the users on the site and the organization themselves, and the core model matrix selects a core page within each section that highlights both business objectives and user needs. The wireframes are webpage prototypes of each of the core pages laid out in the core model matrix.

Click either of the download buttons below to see each of these four artifacts!

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