Whether you are just launching a brand new website or have operated a successful one for many years, there is always room to expand your following and gain more traction towards your site and your products.

You may have the cleanest looking site on the web, and you may have the best products on the market, but if you cannot figure out how to get people towards your page (and how to make them stay and come back), your business will not last long on the web.

The following tips are meant to help you figure out how to capture an audience and bring them to your site, with examples from successful businesses demonstrating these tips being used to their advantage.

Sales and Benefits

If you are trying to sell products, then make your website about the product. If the consumer is interested, maybe they might take a look at your story, but for now, they just want to buy something off your site.

JBL Homepage

JBL is an audio consumer electronics company that sells speakers, soundbars, headphones, and plenty of other audio related gear. When you go to their homepage, you will immediately see a big banner with a sale, suggesting that now is a perfect time to buy a speaker.

Below the banner is a graphic that explains why you are better off buying from JBL’s site. Free shipping and money back guarantees are great ways to contain customer loyalty.

Ford Homepage

You can see a similar strategy being used on Ford’s website. They have a large banner display taking up the entire screen showcasing three of their brand new vehicles being a part of a “Summer Sales Event.” This tactic of a seasonal sales event is a deliberate ploy to try and get more customers to their site. If a company promotes that a product sale is happening for a limited time, more people will feel the urge to go on the site and buy the product out of fear that they won’t be able to buy the product at a price this low again.

Keep Customers Aware Through Emails

Insta360 Update Email (July 6, 2020)

Oftentimes, whenever you see an email from a company trying to get you onto their website, you will most likely throw it out and move onto the more important emails. If you’re a business owner, that should not stop you from wanting to send out emails to your users, asking them to come back. Emails help make sure you keep in contact and stay relevant with your customers. Who knows? Maybe some potential customers are looking to buy a product and your email came at the perfect time. That would be a guaranteed sale.

Sometimes, your emails do not even have to be about a sale, but rather updates to your existing product’s firmware. The most recent email I received from Insta360 was about a month ago as of this writing, where they sent me an inforgraphic showing updates to a product I just recently bought from them. Seeing an email guaranteeing future updates to a product I just bought made me more satisfied with my purchase and makes me want to come back and look at more of their items.

So go ahead and send out emails. The worst thing someone can do is throw them away, but even then they still had to interact with your company for just a little bit, which could be beneficial in the future if they decide they actually do want something from you.

Partner With Big Brands

Insta360 Homepage

Look at the bottom of this image. “Now Available at Apple.” Insta360 has it made. Apple is the largest consumer electronics company in the world, and having your product be a part of their store not only means that it is very compatible with Apple devices, but that it is one of the best products on the market. I bought this camera from Apple’s website, and I really love it.

The point is, since Insta360 and Apple are not directly competing, they can collaborate and promote each other on their own websites in order to unite their audiences. Apple sells Insta360’s camera on their store and provides all of the product information needed to win over a customer, while Insta360 provides a link on their page to send people directly over to the Apple store to buy their camera instead of pressing people to buy it on their own site.

You NEED a Strong Social Media Presence

WWE’s YouTube Channel

Social Media is more important today than ever before. Some companies are born on social media, while others die because of it. In order to keep your company above the tide, you need to adapt to all of the changes within each social platform and make sure you are posting the correct content on each site in order to maximize engagement with your audience.

WWE is the undisputed king of social media. Their YouTube channel has over 64 million subscribers (and is currently the 6th most subscrbed YouTube channel of all time), they have nearly 11 million followers on Twitter and over 21 million followers on Instagram.

WWE is not afraid to post dozens of times per day, as this gives their audience a chance to see some of their content and interact with it.

Occasionally, WWE will post on Instagram and Twitter and ask for fan engagement by asking them to choose a superstar to compete in a tournament or to rate someone’s chances of beating his opponent. Sometimes they will also post huge deals that are happening on their shop, urging you to check them out before they are gone.

WWEShop homepage

Sure enough, WWE’s shop has a huge “50% Off” banner right in front of them, encouraging users to stay and shop the site. These are the types of strategies you should consider employing when thinking about your social media presence.

Ford’s Facebook Page

Likewise, Ford’s Facebook presence is absolutely unbelievable, with over 15 million people liking and following their page. Announcing a brand new line of cars (Ford Bronco) is undoubtedly a great way to raise engagement with your users and inevitably drive them towards your site. You won’t gain 15 million followers overnight, but you’ll ensure growth by practicing all the tactics mentioned: posting multiple times per day, announcing big sales, events, new products, or even simply engaging with your audience to assure them that you listen.

Have Influencers Promote You Through Sponsorship Deals

Squarespace sponsoring Girlfriend Reviews’s YouTube video

I watch a lot of top YouTube creators, which means I also end up watching a lot of ads for the sponsorship deals these creators get. Normally, the company (Squarespace, in this case) will ask an influencer or content creator (Girlfriend Reviews on YouTube, in this case) to sponsor their product. Squarespace will give Girlfriend Reviews a sum of money in order for them to mention Squarespace a few times throughout the video while also reserving 60-90 seconds (or more, depending on the company’s request) to edit an ad for them, which will be sent to Squarespace for approval. Once it’s approved, Girlfriend Reviews will add the spot in their video and, as a result, they get an affiliate link (in blue in the image above) where they will get a percentage of the money from those who use that specific link to sign up and pay for Squarespace.

This is very important because you are trying to build a relationship with the influencer, which means they will give a more honest review, and if they have an audience that trusts them, they may take the influencer’s recommendation and go on the site to buy the product or service. The better the relationship you have with the influencer, the more they will want to sponsor your content. Squarespace has sponsored two of the last four Girlfriend Review videos.

Your Site is Next.

If you are part of a business looking to sell a product or service to an audience, consider implementing many of these ideas into your strategy. Whether you’re promoting sales like JBL and Ford, using email distributions and brand partnerships as effectively as Insta360, Staying on top of social media like WWE, or sponsoring a YouTuber like Squarespace, you can expect a healthy and sustained growth towards your business in terms of product sales and web traffic.

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