(Through the footer, that is)

I have continued my journey in evolving my WordPress site. This time, I needed to add a bunch of different media files and links in order to add functionality to my site.

Social Links

Firstly, I started off with some social links. I have my YouTube channel, Instagram page, Facebook profile, and LinkedIn profile page listed on the footer of my page. WordPress neatly tucks them into the bottom corner and turned the icons all white so they can contrast well against my dark background.


Next up was my Twitter feed. This was another widget I added in the footer. I replaced my archived blog post section because I felt it was no longer necessary to keep it in. Upon adding in my username, WordPress automatically finds my Twitter timeline and embeds it to the footer of my page. I checked on “Transparent Background” and turned the color scheme to Dark so my feed could blend in much more with the dark background color of my footer.

Embedded Video

I had already embedded a YouTube video into the footer of my page. I had thought about adding a new page dedicated to my media but that would have required my users to click on another button to access my content. I feel as though the footer is a very quick and accessible place to see the content I have made.

Image Gallery

Lastly, I had to add an image gallery to my page. I also decided to add this to my footer because creating a widget for it is the best possible way to show off my images. When you click on my images in this gallery, you can see what camera it was shot on, the aperture, the focal length and the shutter speed. You can also have the option to view it in its full resolution.

Image Gallery with file data in bottom right corner

You can also write a comment under the image if you have any feedback for the images I post to this gallery.

Because I added a fifth widget to my footer, the image gallery widget was pushed to a second row below the original row, doubling the size of my footer. I did not like the design of that, so to bring the widgets back into one row, I eliminated the Contact widget and combined it with my About page.

My new navigation bar has the page “About/Contact” instead of just “About.” At the bottom of the page, you will see a “Get in Touch” button that will, when clicked, direct you to an email draft that will set you up to send me a message.

Final Thoughts

All of my media functionality in my footer

This is the new footer widget on my homepage. It took a little bit of tweaking, but I really do think that adding the Twitter feed and image gallery helps make the footer a more accessible place for users to see my content. It gives them something besides blog posts to look at, and I’m very impressed with how neat and organized WordPress made the footer.

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