I’m not really a Project Management type of guy, but after setting up my board for my graduate class, I believe everyone should give this idea a shot.

My full Project Management Board.

I am not an organized person. I do not write notes down for things I need to do when I get home. I do not even own a planner to write down all of my assignments due the upcoming week. All of these things I think about are stored in my head.

I have never really had any issues with this way of planning. Very rarely will a due date slip by without me noticing. This, however, is just me being stubborn and overconfident in my abilities.

I’m taking a graduate level class for the first time, and it is time for me to stop shoving all of my tasks and assignments in my brain and instead have it all laid out for me. This is where Project Management comes in handy.

Project management, according to PMI, is “the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements.” It is a visualization of your tasks and a list of everything that needs to be completed. It allows you to see your project in front of you and motivates you to complete the project in a timely manner.

All of this sounds like a good plan, but is it for everyone? I personally think so, mainly because there are so many ways you can go about project management. It is a skill that is growing in the business industry and a tool that helps you and/or your business operate better. With the amount of projects you’ll have on your plate combined with how competitive each industry is, “you will find a series of efficient, well-organized, and well-executed projects make all the difference.” It allows you to focus more on how to get things done rather than what needs to get done.

Enter Trello. Trello is a free project management software that allows you to see all of your tasks in a series of cards, sheets, checklists, and more in an overall colorful and clean presentation. My project management board is above. I have split up all of my modules into their own board so I can focus clearly on what needs to get done for which specific module. I have also color-coded each of my cards with either a red, yellow, or green label, red meaning not started, yellow meaning ongoing, and green meaning finished.

I have also created cards for each of the three most important assignments for every module: the blog post, the images, and the annotated bibliography.

Blog Post Checklist.

I have a checklist for everything I need to do to prepare, write, and eventually publish my blog post. I find it very easy to lay out each of the steps so I don’t forget to upload a featured image or to add my links to the annotated bibliography. On the main board the checklist will highlight in green when you’ve completed all of them, which is a nice motivation tactic to get me to finish every part of every assignment.

Image making Checklist.

I split up my image card into two checklists: one for my blog post images, and one for the featured images (the image you see before you click one of my posts). This allows me to figure out what types of images I need to accompany my blog posts and how I can get them done. I use two labels for this card to show if one is finished and the other is not done.

Annotated bibliography checklist.

Here is my annotated bibliography checklist. I have a checklist for each module simply so I do not forget to include my links and write about them during each module. When I complete all of these steps, I still label the card yellow because it helps me understand that the annotated bibliography is still an ongoing assignment despite me finishing parts of it with each passing module.

Overall, I highly recommend that you start a project management board for your homework or work assignments simply because it will be very easy for you to visualize what you need to do. Trello is really good at making these project management boards look clean and organized. It’s so easy to figure out what’s due soon, what is completed and what needs to be done. For anyone looking to have less stress in their lives, setting up a project management board for yourselves might just be worth your time.

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